Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Andrew Klavan Comes to ‘Conservative Republican Forum’

Andrew Klavan
This week on Conservative Republican Fourm a well known author and PJTV host joins Steve Rosenblum & Daria DiGiovanni. He’s also a frequent guest on Fox News Channel’sRed Eye w/Greg Gutfeld.
Andrew Klavan is the host of PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture. There he examines many aspects of human behavior, culture and politics. He does this with a wit and intelligence that are both informative and entertaining.
Andrew Klavan is the author of the novels:
Corruption, The Animal Hour, The Uncanny, Man and Wife, Hunting Down Amanda, Don’t Say A Word, True Crime, Dynamite Road and The Last Thing I Remember.
His latest adult novel is The Identity Man and the 4th and final book in his young adult Homelanders series called The Final Hour will be released this summer.
Steve and Daria will talk to Mr. Klavan about his writing, his work on PJTV and get his take on some of the news of the day.
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