Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is Mitt Romney Conservative? Who Cares?

During the height of the GOP Presidential Primaries a popular argument among grassroots, conservative, activists was: "Is Mitt Romney actually a conservative?"

Regardless of who you were supporting at that moment in the primary season, if you weren't already in the Romney camp, the answer to that question was probably "no".

There is no shortage of evidence to support the claim that Mitt Romney is not a conservative. Governor Romney has actually described himself as "a PROGRESSIVE-Republican", back before he described himself as "SEVERELY-conservative" at this year's CPAC gathering.

From his changes in position on issues important to social conservatives like same-sex marriage and abortion, to his embrace of "man-caused" climate change, to Romneycare, Mitt Romney has not been modestly, much less "severely", conservative.

During the primaries his conservative credentials, or lack thereof, was a valid and pertinent question to ask and debate. But now that Governor Mitt Romney is the presumptive - and yes inevitable - Republican nominee there seems to be little point in worrying about how conservative, moderate, or heaven help us, progressive he is.

Conservatives need not try to convince themselves, or anyone else, that Mitt Romney is the conservative candidate we had hoped for. For the purposes of the general election what is important is that Barack Obama is the worst U.S. President of modern times (arguably second to Jimmy Carter) and must not get a second term. If he does, he will be completely free to enact his radical agenda without any concerns about reelection.

President Obama has already diminished the stature of the United States in the world, by going on his apology tours, leading from behind and missing opportunities to support true freedom movements like the Green Movement in Iran, while quickly supporting Islamist "freedom" movements during the so-called "Arab Spring".

He has emboldened our adversaries and enemies - i.e. China, Russia, North Korea and Venezuela - while leaving our traditional allies - i.e. England and Israel - wondering if they can count on the United States to support them.

President Obama has increased the polarization of the American public, not just along party lines, but among economic and  racial lines as well. The post-racial President has turned out to be anything but, inserting himself in every racially charged controversy without all the facts. He has inspired the "Occupiers" by stoking class-envy and demonized private citizens for the "crime" of being successful.

And of course those are just a couple of his greatest hits. Let's not forget the trillion dollar "Stimulus", Obamacare, allowing his Justice Department to sue Arizona over SB1070 and the scandals of Solyndra and Fast and Furious.

The question is no longer, "Is Mitt Romney actually a conservative?" Now the question is, "What will America look like after 4 more years of Barack Obama if we allow Mitt Romney to lose?" '

Let's not find out!

It's Been A While...

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