Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Left Should Look in the Mirror

I want to talk about the smears, misrepresentations and outright lies that the left is attempting to use to discredit the more than 50% of the American people that disagree, or at least have serious questions and reservations, about the healthcare plan that Obama and the congressional Democrats are trying to force upon this nation.
We’ve all seen the town hall meetings that the Democrats have been holding around the country and the concerned and sometimes animated people that have been showing up at them. We’ve also seen conservatives protesting in increasing numbers, peacefully in front of the offices of congressmen and senators, as well as on street corners. They are peaceful, have homemade signs and are dressed in average American clothing, usually t-shirts with jeans or shorts. They aren’t racists and they aren’t trying to destroy Obama. They are however looking to have their voices and their opinions heard. And yes, many are trying to stop or at least slowdown Obama’s march towards socialism.
To counter the rising tide of opposition to their socialist agenda, the liberals and their so-called mainstream media allies have taken to belittling, denigrating and besmirching these peaceful protestors. The President, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and everybody’s favorite, Janeane Garofalo have accused conservatives of being racists, teabaggers, Astroturf and angry mobs. They’ve accused us bringing signs with swastikas to town hall meetings and of being violent. They’ve accused us being puppets of the insurance industry and of being organized, paid and bussed to the protests and town halls by the Republican Party. None of these things are at all accurate or true of course.
The hypocrisy of these comments is astounding. These are the same people that had no problem with pictures of George Bush as Hitler or the Devil. These are the same people that have no problem with ACORN or SEIU thugs, who actually are organized, paid and bussed in, storming the lobbies of major companies by the hundreds and extorting money or unionization from them. These are the same people that laugh when Janeane Garofalo accuses any black person that’s a Republican of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. They encouraged people to be vocal and speak truth to power before. But now that they’re in power themselves, they denounce those that disagree and say the their anger is manufactured.
The truth is that I have yet to read or hear a single word from any conservative regarding Obama that’s racist. What I hear and read are people questioning and opposing the President’s policies and at times his statements. Anytime race is brought up, it’s always from the left. Our president, who was supposed to be post-racial, was the one that accused a white police officer of acting stupidly, for arresting a black Harvard professor, before he had all the facts. It was this same post-racial president that brought up racial profiling when none was even alleged to have occurred. Instead of apologizing for his stupid statements the president tried to tell us it was a teachable moment. In a sense he was correct. It should have taught him to keep his mouth shut until he had the facts.
Nancy Pelosi accused conservative protestors of carrying signs with swastikas to town halls on healthcare. She conveniently left out the fact that the swastikas in question were inside a red circle with a line through it, denoting a no fascism message. This of course is unlike the liberal anti-Bush protestors that carried signs with actual swastikas and words like Bush=Hitler for almost 8 years. They had no problem with that. Barbara Boxer, who will forever be known simply as “Ma’am” on this program, said she hadn’t seen people dressed so well since the 2000 recount in Florida. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called the protestors “the Brooks Brothers Brigade”. Have you seen people in suits at these protests? You may have seen one or two people dressed nicely at a couple of the town hall meetings. But that probably means they came from their jobs. And since when are people that dress nicely any less American, or any less entitled to voice their opinions?
I urge all of you listening to take a look at a great photo-essay I saw yesterday at a website called Looking at the Left. It shows what the so-called angry mobs of Astroturf, Republican organized, protestors look like compared to the protestors from the left, some of whom were actually day workers that didn’t speak any English and didn’t understand what their pre-made signs from said.
The reality of the situation is this. Is the right getting organized? Yes, but it is a truly organic, grassroots organization started by average Americans. Using email, word of mouth and social networking sites regular people like you and I are letting each other know where and when protests and town halls are being held. We are urging each other to go out and be heard. No one is being paid; no one is bringing signs for every one else. Each person that’s getting off the couch and going out in these sweltering temperatures to stand on the street to protest, with home-made signs or flags, is doing so because they feel strongly that the healthcare bill is wrong and is moving too fast, without any regard from Congress or the President as to how the People they’re supposed to represent feel about it. If anything, the tactics that the left has decided to use are only making the average American angrier and more aware of the hypocrisy and the contempt that our elected officials feel for them. If the people on the left in government and the media want to see fake indignation and real racism, my advice would be for them simply look in the mirror.

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