Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arrogant Elitists Beware.

We're six months into President Obama's administration and to say it's been interesting would be quite an understatement. We've had a 787 billion dollar stimulus plan nobody read, that's stimulated nothing but government growth and public outrage. We've had a quadrupling of the deficit. We've had the House rush a Cap and Trade bill through, that will increase unemployment, raise energy costs, send manufacturing overseas and according to the EPA actually increase carbon emissions. And we've had Obama traveling overseas to apologize for our nation for decades old mistakes real and imaged. Let's not forget the President's naive and cowardly reactions to the Iraqi student protests (where he took days to decide who's side he was on) and the wrongly labeled "military coup" in Honduras (where he couldn't move quickly enough to support Hugo Chavez wannabe Manuel Zalaya).

Until recently Obama's critics have been few and his public support has remained high. The media, for the most part, has remained his cheerleaders. But now things are starting to change for the President. His decision to inject himself in the Gates/Crowley situation after admitting he didn't have all the facts, led many to say the President acted "stupidly". The government-run healthcare plan that he's has been pushing for since before he started his campaign has run into trouble and exposed him as vulnerable. Even members of his own party are asking questions and demanding that the process slow down. These members of Congress are facing an increasingly agitated and angry constituency at home. They know that they face reelection challenges next year and don't want to risk their political futures to advance Obama's socialist agenda. And the President, though he goes out to campaign for it nearly everyday, is unable to sell the American people on his healthcare plan in the face of a staggering budget deficit.

To counter the growing public skepticism and grassroots protests that have been on the increase since the April 15th "Tea Party" protests, that they dismissed and discounted at the time, the Administration and it's allies have taken to calling the protests "manufactured". They say that the people showing up to protest in front of the offices of senators and congressman are being bussed in. They say that the people standing up to speak at town hall meetings to disagree with Obamacare and demand that members of Congress read the bills before they vote on them are planted. They accuse the grassroots of being "astroturf", paid agents of the GOP, while the opposite is the case. This is extremely ironic considering that is exactly what liberal groups like ACORN and the SEIU have been doing for quite sometime.

The outrage of the American people at their representatives and their president is neither manufactured, nor fake. It is very real and growing. The members of Congress scoff at the very idea of reading a trillion dollar piece of legislation and wonder why they have angry crowds at their town hall meetings? They lie about what the purpose and effect of the legislation they pass against the will of the people is and wonder why they're in danger of being voted out of office? Apparently they won't get the message until they find themselves out of a job. That's fine, I think the people have made it clear that they want "change they can believe in". It's just not the change that these arrogant elitists in Washington, DC think it is. Arrogant elitists beware, the 2010 elections are closer than you think. The people are pissed and you are the ones they will take their wrath out on, at the ballot box.

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