Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Begins With Liberal "Civil Discourse" As Expected

2014 began with about as much "civil discourse" from liberals as one might expect... Exactly none.

Case in point, Maryland US House candidate Daniel Bongino - a retired US Secret Service agent, who served on the Personal Protection Details of both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama - was attempting to have a conversation about Obamacare with Twitter user Jack Mack (Twitter handle @JackTheCat11) when he received this very "civil" response:

There was more to the exchange, as you can see here. This liberal didn't, and probably still doesn't think that he crossed a line with his attack, but many others on Twitter did.

As Obamacare and other progressive, redistributive schemes continue to crumble this year, it's probably safe to assume that desperate liberals will only intensify their hateful rhetoric.

This is both bad and good. It's bad, because it's sad that this is the only way that supposedly intelligent people that claim they're the enlightened ones can communicate in civil society. But it's good, in that it exposes their hypocrisy and their desperation as their ideology is proven - once again - to be an abject failure.