Sunday, March 13, 2011

Herman Cain- Exploring A Presidential Candidacy

Herman Cain talks to grassroots leaders and activists.
Saturday morning prospective presidential candidate Herman Cain, radio show host and former-CEO of God Father's Pizza, visited with a group of grassroots activists in West Palm Beach to let them know why he is exploring the possibility of running for President of the United States. 

Mr. Cain was warmly received and addressed several issues, including: Obamacare, illegal immigration, energy policy, the economy and how he would fix Social Security.

The possible candidate also answered several questions from the group on topics like how he would address rank-and-file union members. 

I asked him if he favored repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment, which would return the selection of U.S. Senators to the State Legislatures. His answer was refreshing, especially coming from someone considering a run for President. He admitted he hadn't really considered or researched the topic.