Wednesday, July 29, 2009

America As We Know It or America As Obama Would Remake It.

For 50 years the United States and it's allies engaged in the Cold War to prevent the Soviet Union from expanding Communism/Socialism around the world. We spent billions of dollars, fought proxy wars and supported many democratic movements.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of USSR, we have seen Socialism on the rise, in various forms and to differing to degrees in every part of the world. In some places this has been relatively benign, like in Canada and the U.K. where the governments are still democratic.

In other nations it's been more frightening, such as in Venezuela where Hugo Chavez a democratically elected leader has used intimidation and civilian organizations to build a power base and change the constitution to give him the right to run for reelection for the rest of his life. In effect he is a dictator. He has nationalized several industries, silenced most opposition, taken control of the media and filled the legislature with people loyal to him.

Here at home we would never willingly become a Socialist nation, or would we? Throughout the last presidential election cycle Barack Obama was completely honest about his agenda. But it seemed the mainstream media either didn't want to see it, or was complicit. He said he was going to "spread the wealth around" and "fundamentally change America". He went to the SEIU, the most left-wing labor union and told them they would help to shape the agenda in his administration. He told ACORN pretty much the same thing. Both ACORN and the SEIU want, universal healthcare, massive entitlement programs, increased unionism and mortgage holder bailouts. Does any of this sound familiar? Obama has several former ACORN members as advisors and "czars" in his administration. He is rushing multiple, massive pieces of "reform" legislation through Congress that no members have had time to read and he is using intimidation to get them to move at his pace. Rahm Emanuel was chosen as his Chief of Staff for just this reason.

We haven't got a commander-in-chief, we have a proud community organizer-in-chief. He has an agenda that most of us wouldn't consider to be American, but socialist. He was elected democratically, with the help of his allies ACORN and the SEIU. There are investigations involving ACORN in 21 states for voter fraud and voter registration fraud. Some ACORN members have been indicted and prosecuted for these offenses. A list of Obama donors that had contributed the maximum to his campaign was given to ACORN's Project Vote organization to solicit those donors for money to get voters to the polls. You can be sure that anyone they brought to a polling place voted for Barack Obama.

We can fight back and retake our government before Obama and his allies "fundamentally change America". But we have to recognize what they are doing and demand that our senators and congressman investigate ACORN and vote against his agenda. I urge everyone to visit, watch and listen to Glenn Beck, and ask lots of questions. Tell anyone that will listen to wake up and ask questions. Tell any member of Congress that doesn't read a bill before they vote for it, that they will be voted out. We need to retake Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012. We must organize as Americans for democracy, liberty and capitalism. This isn't a matter of Republican or Democrat. It's a matter of democracy vs. socialism. It's a matter of America as we know it or America as Obama would remake it.

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